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Semiprecious and precious metals and gem stones carefully selected for their vibrational resonance

Samples of Commissions:
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1. This is a silver lost wax method commission with moonstone and ammonite. It was commissioned by a woman who wanted to treat herself. She felt the necklace was quite powerful.

2. Silver spiral heart with amethyst commissioned by a man for his lover.

3. When pouring the wax into water to cast these pieces, I was meditating on the Divine Mother. Almost all of the pieces came out with a sense of mother/heart/womb.

4. Silver ring with copper and rose quartz. An elderly lady who was coming to me for crystal healing commissioned this as this stone was supportive to her. She never takes it off.

5. I love spirals and flowing wave shapes...

6. This just happened whilst I was playing...

7. My friends, Deva Premal and Miten travel the world blessing the planet with their songs and mantras. Miten asked me to make some earrings for his beloved. I received an image immediately: gold oval with gem stoned snake ascending, with fresh water pearls ~ for the Tantra Mantra goddess!

8. This came with the Divine Mother meditation. I then added wings and it became the Sufi winged heart, with a shooting star in the middle. It was recently ordered by a friend in the US for a valentines/ wedding gift. There are more of these available.

The Jewellery created here is inspired by meditations in the woodland, out in nature and close to the sea.

Silver, gold, copper and brass are used and set with semi and precious gems, crystals, coral and pearls.

Recycled precious metals are used when possible.

Ethical Gold
I have recently found a source for 'ethical gold' and will be in the near future, working with this.
It comes from an area in Colombia where the local community are in control, and benefit from the extraction process and the land is mined carefully, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Commissions range from between £50 and £300.

How to commission a piece of jewellery.

You may already have a stone or idea which means something to you. If so send me by e.mail or snail mail your ideas, feelings, visions or pictures however vague they appear. We can then discuss together the idea and let it grow....

e.mail for more info on available stock


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