Croeso, and welcome to the Quiet Earth Project

An inspiration which grew from a desire to live and learn from the land. To uncover a way of living authentically, in harmony and balance within this natural environment.

Also, a yearning to explore and celebrate the rich diversity that nature has to offer, with a respect to the old ways and also the contemporary methods offered in sustainable living without drawing more than is required from our earth's natural resources.

This woodland eco home is a self sustainable and low carbon build. The UK's first two storey loadbearing straw bale house, it is created from low impact and natural materials. It has an off grid system powered by the sun and the wind. It uses bio mass heating with coppiced wood from the woodland, a rainwater harvesting system and all waste is composted on site through an aquatron system.

The project is the 'birth child' of Rachel Shiamh who has lived in the woodland since 1996, see The Story.

Courses, retreats and conferences are offered here in the ways of authentic living which include: straw bale and natural building, clay and lime use, yoga, healing, music and meditation.


To make enquiries and share ideas please contact:

Rachel Shiamh
Penwhilwr, St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA43 3JG, UK



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