Gwalia Essences
- Vibrational Healing - Sun Infused Oils

St Johns Wort Spiritually uplifting St Johns Wort infused in organic olive oil until a deep red colour. Flower and gem Essences are added. A deeply penetrating and healing oil. Healing on wounds and burns. Can be rubbed into stagnant areas of the body needing vibrancy. No essential oils added
Calendula Light and joyful Marigolds infused in sweet almond oil. Flower and gem Essences and a hint of essential oil are added. A gentle healing oil. Particularly for sensitive, elderly and infant skins
Rose Soothes the heart and emotions Roses infused in sweet almond oil. Flower and gem Essences and rose absolute essential oil is added. An oil of Pure Love
Evening Primrose Embracing the feminine,
sensuous and nourishing
Evening Primroses infused in sweet almond oil. Flower and gem Essences and essential oils are added. An oil well attuned to the cycles of nature

Flowers and Herbs are hand picked from a wild woodland garden and along the West Wales Coastline. They are then infused in oils under the energies of the warm sun and cool moonlight rays until charged. Compatible flower and crystal essences are then added with a hint of essential oil to create a healing oil for bath, massage and lotion. These oils can work on many levels as with ingested flower remedies-soothing on the emotions and nourishing on a physical level. Aroma is purposefully kept subtle. Essential oils can be added as required for stronger potency.

Gwalia Essences - Vibrational Healing - Flower and Gem Essences

Golden St Johns Wort, Citrine, Ruby Keyphrase:

I am Light Power and Wisdom

Main Chakras:

Base, Solar Plexus,
Sunrise Marigold, Rhodocrosite Keyphrase:

I am Creativity, Trust and Joy

Main Chakras:

Rose Bliss Rose,
Rose Quartz

I am Love
and I am Loved

Main Chakras:

Eve Moon Evening Primrose, Moonstone Keyphrase:

I Embrace the Cycles of Nature

Main Chakras:

Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart
Well Being Lavender, Wood Betony, Borage, Yarrow, Woundwort, Sodalite Keyphrase:

I am at Peace.

Main Chakras:

Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Preparing: Flower and gem essences are cultivated and prepared in a beautiful wild woodland garden overlooking the West Wales Coastline. These are charged by the Divine energies of sun moon and earth in pure local spring water and preserved with brandy.

Choosing: Usually the essence one feels most drawn to is the one to take. Whether this be through sampling an essence or looking at the corresponding picture or reading the key phrase or even holding an essence and noticing any effect it may have on one’s being.

Listening is the key to choosing and allowing each essence to speak.

Taking: Each essence comes in a blue 30ml dropper bottle in a stock solution which has a life of four to five years. Drops can be used from this solution or else, to further potenize it one can add four drops of the essence to another dropper bottle with three parts spring water to one part brandy. This keeps for around six to eight weeks. A few drops under the tongue can be taken when required or on the pulse points of the wrist , crown of the head ( often an easy option for children and pets), or in the bath.

May all beings be well... May all beings be well... May all beings be well


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